A bar of charcoal soap from sister & co.

Cleaning Up My Act | Simple Skin Care

Have you ever been in such a skincare rut that you didn’t want to put anything on your face? Well, that’s where I recently found myself. I was between facial cleansers, experiencing abnormal breakouts, and wanting a clean product that would help purify my pores, but also be gentle on my skin. While browsing ASOS Eco-edit, I discovered this charcoal detoxifying soap[ If you still haven’t checked out ASOS Eco-Edit, I encourage you to do so.]. It’s free of harsh SLS detergent (I recently found out what SLS from male blogger Steven Killian check him out!) and parabens.

I waited 2 weeks for this product [some strange delay in shipping] and washed my face with warm water and a towel. The struggle of trying not to cave into the pressure of purchasing something else to tide me over.

I’ve been using the product for a few days and I really like how simple and straight forward it is. It’s a lather and go product. I shy away from products with long ingredients lists and time consuming skin care routines. This soap bar has 7 ingredients including sodium olivate and sodium cocoate both are salts derived from natural sources. These two chemical ingredients received a score of 1 from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) which is the lowest score in terms of ranking health hazards.

My new routine looks something like this:



Moisturize & Sun Protect with REN Youth Vitality Day Cream mixed with Elta MD Tinted UV Daily Sunscreen



Moisturize with REN Revitalising Night Cream

**Occasionally I throw in a clay mask to purify my pores or a paper mask like this one from Say Yes To Tomatoes for extra moisture.

As I begin purging my body care and beauty products, I want to incorporate more back to the basics type products like the sister & co. soap bar. I’ve linked all products below, plus others that I’m eager to try!

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