Summer Accessories to Spice Up Your Wardrobe


One of my secrets to looking stylish every season, while living a minimalist lifestyle, is refreshing my wardrobe with killer accessories. Accessories can make

[or break]

an outfit. Why spend loads of money on new clothes when you can update your look with less expensive accessories? Today, I’m compiling some sizzlin’ HOT summer hats, bags, sunglasses, and earrings that will elevate your style game!


Best Summer Sunglasses

I like my sunglasses BIG and ICONIC. The funkier the style the better. Sunglasses are terribly underrated. The perfect pair can elevate your look and become the focal point of your outfit. The right pair can turn jeans and t-shirt into the chicest outfit known to man. I love finding unique pieces at local thrift and vintage stores. Buffalo Exchange is a great thrift shop with an amazing sunglasses collection.

Best Summer Hats

Not only are hats great for elevating your look, but they are another way to protect your skin from the sun. I’m undergoing laser hair removal on parts of my face, so staying well protected is top priority during the summer. Hats also serve as a good way to cover up a bad hair day. 😉

Best Summer Bags


The perfect summer bag should be stylish and functional. I love that my Oliver Bilou bag can go from a cute structured handbag to a casual cross-body bag. Below are my favorite summer bags (sorry Cult Gaia, you didn’t make this list).

Best Earrings


Kick it up a notch with a fun pair of hoops. They are such a basic style and come in a variety of sizes. I like mine BIG and exaggerated to play up my newly cropped hair do.

What summer accessories do you swear by? Comment below and let me know what you thought about this post!

Summer and stripes are almost synonymous [That’s a whole lotta of s’s]. I’m a big fan of nautical looks and stripes are a key component to pulling off that just stepped off a boat vibe. I love how the stripes on this Urban Outfitters skirt alternate......

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