6 brands using innovative and sustainable textiles

6 Brands Using Innovative & Sustainable Textiles


It’s Sustainable Textiles Month here at Mybrownsparklez! All month, I’ll be sharing bits of information about the various textiles and fabrics that are produced in a sustainable way. I’m kickin’ off the month of August by featuring fashion brands that are using innovative and sustainable textiles in the most beautiful ways. Let’s go!


6 brands using innovative and sustainable textiles

Bella|Ha Sandals


I love my sandals from Bella|Ha they are so durable and comfortable. Bella|Ha uses fish leather to create the straps on their thong sandals. Fish leather is produced from the by-product of the fishing industry. A wonderful way to re-use something that would otherwise get discarded as waste. You can purchase Bella|Ha sandals on their website.

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Aitch Aitch

Aitch Aitch is a luxury handbag and accessories line using fish leather in place of cowhide or snakeskin. Their designs are modern and luxe. They are the true definition of high quality sustainable fashion. You can shop their products on their website.


Photo Credits: Veja


This popular eco-friendly shoe brand uses organic cotton and amazonian rubber to make it’s killer sneakers. All of their products are made sustainably and they are absolutely the most stylish ethical sneakers on the market. You can shop Veja on their website or browse my top picks below!!

Shop Veja



Photo Credits: Alexandra K

Alexandra K Bags & Accessories

This brand uses the very innovative textile, Pinatex. Pinatex is made from the leaves of pineapples and is a completely sustainable textile. Pineapple farmer’s can sell left over pineapple leaves (the by-product of harvesting the fruit) and earn more income for their families. I’m loving this bucket bag! You can purchase Alexandra K handbags and Accessories online.


Photo Creds: Vitamin A


Vitamin A

This swimwear and beach fashion line creates sexy swim suits and accessories using a recycled nylon called ‘Ecolux’. This brand is popular with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and Rihanna. And if it’s good enough for Gwennie, it’s good enough for me! You can shop their swim wear online or shop my top picks below!




Shop Vitamin A


Yala is a sustainably made bamboo clothing line. Though many believe bamboo to not be a sustainable fabric source, all bamboo used in Yala’s clothing is organically grown and undergo a gentle dye process.  They feature loose fitting dresses and fun tunics. You can purchase Yala on their website or shop my top picks below.

Shop Yala


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