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6 Brands Using Innovative & Sustainable Textiles

  It’s Sustainable Textiles Month here at Mybrownsparklez! All month, I’ll be sharing bits of information about the various textiles and fabrics that are produced in a sustainable way. I’m kickin’ off the month of August by featuring fashion brands that are using innovative and sustainable textiles in the most beautiful ways. Let’s go!   Bella|Ha I love my sandals from Bella|Ha they are so durable and comfortable. Bella|Ha uses fish leather to create the straps on their thong sandals. Fish leather is produced from the by-product of the fishing industry. A wonderful way to re-use something that would...

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Eco-friendly Living Minus the Granola Mybrownsparklez is a lifestyle website designed to inspire people to create, live, and love in a sustainable way. Sustainable living habits allow us to maintain the integrity of the earth and be in harmony with the wonderfully diverse people we share this planet with. When we are mindful of our spending habits, we can positively impact the world around us. We are able to influence and shape the world with the power of our fashion, beauty, and lifestyle choices.  Within the pages of this website expect to find the latest style and fashion inspiration,...

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