how to pull off the leather handbag

How to Pull-off the Leather Handbag

It’s safe to say that the leather tote is the ‘it’ bag for Fall. Whether you’re Meghan Markle on a date with Prince Harry (sexxy) or just a a basic — kidding! But, serious I’m all for this Markle and Harry romance (I always thought he was the cuter one). And the whole world cannot get over her Everlane leather handbag. The ethical fashion powerhouse will surely be seeing increased sales of their day market tote. *This post contains affiliate links.

how to pull off the leather handbag

how to pull off the leather handbag


So it’s totally fitting to serve some leather handbag inspiration this Thursday. I’m rocking the zippered leather purse from ethical handbag and accessories brand Purse & Clutch. They have a fabulous collection of leather handbags and clutches handmade in Ethiopia. This classic black leather tote is sold out in black, but it’s available in a taupe color. Genuine leather handbags are normally more pricey but they last forever. A worthy investment.


How To Pull It Off

The leather handbag is as easy to wear as it is practical. It’s roomy enough to carry all of your personal items and your laptop. Purse & Clutches outside pockets handbag makes it easier to find car keys and cell phones. Madewell’s passenger tote is very similar in style.  It looks sleek with jeans and white button down ala Meghan. But, it’s great with a dress and edgy boots like my look above! I’m in love with Everlane’s Petra magazine tote in white. It’s polished and a great way to get away from the all black. And for a more feminine look, go for their Day Market Tote in blush. Don’t over think it, it’s fail proof! Here are some of my favorite tote styles from some popular ethical brands.


a sneak peak at fox in gown fall collection

how to pull off the leather handbag

how to pull off the leather handbag

From Day to Night

When heading to happy hour or a night on the town, a large tote can be a bit much. Switch it up with a leather clutch. It’s sleek and they come in so many styles and colors. Check out my favorites below, I’m drooling over this charcoal grey clutch from Matt and Nat.

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