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the skin collective nia


When asked why she loves those products:

They are natural, organic, cruelty free and my skin loves [them].

the skin collective nia

What you should know about MuLondon: 

“This is an exclusive blend of organic shea butter, jojoba oil and blue chamomile extract – to calm, balance and repair. Together, the three gifts of marigold, frankincense & myrrh help repair damaged and inflamed skin, while bringing it a healthy glow. Marigold or calendula flower, is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties and its healing effects on the skin. Frankincense and myrrh, used for millennia for their precious fragrant resins, produce oils that are astringent and calming.”

Cruelty Free ■ 99% Organic Ingredients ■ No Preservatives

I want to share and inspire others about how easy and beneficial is to live a simple, healthy and sustainable life.

I'm not used to being in front of the cameras so when I'm sharing about my #awakeWardrobe I get a little self-conscious. But today I am sure that nail it in this cabbage-dress! Am I right??? Have you ever thought about creating your own clothes? Learning to sew your own clothes means you are taking an active step in ensuring the clothes you wear have been made ethically and sustainably without causing harm to people or the planet. ? Fazer a própria roupa Não estou habituada a estar em frente as câmaras por isso quando estou a partilhar sobre o meu #awakeWardrobe fico sempre apreensiva. Mas hoje tenho a certeza que acertei nessa fotografia com o meu vestido-couve! Estou certa? 7 Já alguma vez pensaram em criar a vossa própria roupa? Aprender a costurar suas próprias roupas significa que está activamente a garantir que as roupas que usa foram feitas de forma ética e sustentável sem causar danos às pessoas ou ao planeta. Contributing to #objectsforoutfits

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