Summer and Stripes Go Together Like White On Rice

Summer and stripes are almost synonymous [That’s a whole lotta of s’s]. I’m a big fan of nautical looks and stripes are a key component to pulling off that just stepped off a boat vibe.

I love how the stripes on this Urban Outfitters skirt alternate between vertical and horizontal. It adds character to an otherwise straightforward look.

These pants will be so dingy by the time I’m through with them. A striped linen pant is a fun way to look casual yet cool. They have a very Rastafarian vibe which is perfect for the beach or any leisurely summer activity. I bought my pants at a market in Ecuador for $5 (I know such a bargain). But this pair of pants from Allen and Allen are very similar -100% linen.


DO wear them to the pool or beach. They can serve as the perfect cover-up, especially if the stripes are more muted like on these linen pants.

The Best of Summer Stripes


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